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Every year during Sharodiya, we publish our Durga Puja Magazine so that you can take a break from your daily life and get the feeling of sitting with a ‘sharodiya songkhya’ magazine in the evening after a busy day. Our magazine is our expression of celebration as we bring together creative minds from across the world to share the space in the pages of the magazine.

Are you interested in submitting your creation?

We invite short stories, poems, articles on literature, history and the arts, travelogues, drawings, sketches, or paintings – anything that can bring your experience of Pujo or life in general on paper (or pdf in these times!). Submissions are accepted in Bengali, English, Hindi, or Dutch. A few things to consider –

  • Please limit your article to not more than 2 A4 pages.
  • Do submit ORIGINAL writings. (In case the idea is adapted, please give proper acknowledgment).
  • Editor’s decision on the choice to publish or not, will be final

If you are interested, please upload your submission using the form below

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