Dear Friend,
Since the very beginning, Kallol has always believed in following the rituals of the Pujo, as they should be done. This year too is no different. Every year, we are encouraged by the overwhelming support from the members of our community who donate generously and sponsor various items in the celebration of Durga Puja. Our beloved Durga Puja gets bigger and better each year, and your donation goes a long way to help us organize the festival and serve the community.

For Durga Puja 2024, you can donate for any one or more of the following items -
# Donation Item Amount (Euros)
1 Sandhi Pujo € 501
2 Purohit boron(Dakshina for 2 Purohits) € 251
3 Pujo samagrihi (Dosokarma) € 151
4 Pujo r misti (Sweets) € 151
5 Bhog for Astami € 101
6 Anjali € 101
7 Fruits for Prosad € 101

Now, you can make the donation online – simply select the item you wish to donate for and fill in your name, email address and phone number (optional) and we will send you an acknowledgment to your email address.

Thank you. Joy Ma!

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